Current corona information and hygiene measures

Dear guests,

help our hotel to continue to receive business travelers. So that this remains possible and that we can hopefully soon be able to accommodate tourist guests from all federal states again, please observe the AHA rules, which you will also be informed about by signs in the hotel and please wear a FFP2-mask throughout the hotel.

As soon as you have arrived in your room or at the table, you can of course remove the mask. Please understand when we advise you to wear your mask should you forget it.

Hand disinfectant is available for you in the entrance area and at the reception.


We try to make the check-in as quick as possible for you. Registration forms still have to be filled out and signed. We disinfect the pens that we provide for you after each use. The room keys are also disinfected before we pass them on to the next guest. To reduce the risk of infection, we have set up a plexiglass partition in the reception area.


Rooms had to be clean and cleaned even before Corona. We have added some measures here and, in addition to our common cleaning agents, also use disinfectants for cleaning.

When cleaning the rooms, the guest rooms are ventilated regularly. You can help by tilting the window when you leave. Many Thanks.

In the restaurant

In order to meet the distance rules, some of our tables had to "move out" temporarily from our restaurant and are now waiting until we can receive more guests at the same time.

The tables are cleaned and disinfected regularly and glasses, dishes and cutlery are cleaned in the dishwasher at a minimum of 60 ° C.


In order to minimize the contact between you and us, we will be happy to send your company the invoice for your stay by email or post. To do this, we need your company to confirm that they are covering the costs of your stay before your arrival.

Our team

As far as our work allows, we keep the minimum distance from you and wear FFP2 masks.

We wish you a pleasant stay in our hotel in Winsen!